For Photographers | How to get your Groove back

For Photographers

It happens.  The end of the season gets busy and crazy and you kind of feel like you’re turning into a photo robot.  A darn good one, but still a photo robot.  How do you relight that fire and get your groove back?!  Here are a few tips to help you get inspired when you’re feeling a bit burnt out.

  1. Explore | Go on vacation, go somewhere new, do something new.  Heck, EAT something new!  Pay attention to color and lighting.  Look at old photos – notice the poses and color.  Over the winter, I saw La La Land and I’m OBSESSED!!  What really struck me though, besides of course Ryan Gosling was the colors and the way they used light and colors to tell the story.  Same with Moonlight – they really struck a cord with me visually and made me want to run out and shoot!


2.  Shoot for you | Pull your camera out for something other than work.  Go for a photo walk with a friend – who knows, you might even get a new head shot out of the deal!  My first year, I did a 365 project to help with inspiration and to learn to shoot in all kinds of lighting.


3.  Experiment | Still shoot the way you do, but try something new!  Try using different lighting sources or try using some creative tools like a tilt shift or a prism.  Even double exposures could give you a little inspiration and could add a new trick to your bag.


4.  Learn | Go on a workshop or listen to someone speak.  Workshops are always what I need to feel refreshed.  Not only do you learn something from another photographer, but you get to meet really rad people going through the same thing you are!  You can never know too much about photography or the business.


5.  Second Shoot | I LOVE second shooting!  It’s your opportunity to photography along side a friend, in a new environment with a different couple.  Also, you have more time than the lead photographer to photograph creatively and on angles you wouldn’t normally shoot.

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