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Every year, I either go to a workshop or a convention to further my learning and revive my creativity after a busy season.  At the end of 2015, I signed up for Jessica Oh’s Oh Yeah workshop.  I’ve always loved her use of color, love, and quirkiness, and knew I needed to meet her.  So, something not a ton of people know is I’m super shy and feel awkward when meeting new people.  Meet & greets make me sweat just thinking about it, so for me to sign up for a workshop in The Poconos along with 12 other creative photographers from all over the country was huge for me.  I was excited though, because at that time, I needed to push myself and after a busy season, I really needed to relight my creative fire.  So, I met a few girls online who were attending and we decided to book an Air B & B  for all of us to stay in.  And I’m sweating, haha!  Well as it turned out, these ladies were pretty amazing!  In fact, I made a really great friend there!

So Jessica’s workshop was held in her home with her sweet dog and ducks.  She was warm, welcoming and made us feel comfortable to ask anything (and I feel like I talked her ear off, haha!).  Over the two days, we shot an engagement and a styled wedding (which will be in another blog, because there’s just way too many photos.  This was pretty cool, because we had the opportunity to ask our models to do different things and try different poses we wouldn’t normally do.  I even played around with prisms and double exposure which was a ton of fun!  Yeah, so after telling you all about it, I want to go back.   Thanks Jessica for being so kind.  You really pushed me like I needed and it showed in all of my work following the workshop.  xoxo

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